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What digital servo uses a Atmel 168 internally?

Several months ago I read a post on LMR about a digital servo that was controlled by a Atmel 168. Now when I say controlled, I don't mean hooking a servo to a microcontroller the normal way, I mean the motor controller board inside the servo had a Amtel 168 chip on it.

Just to clarify - I'm not trying to figure out how to control a servo with a microcontroller (like an arduino). I'm looking for a servo that uses an atmel chip on the controller board inside the servo.

I've spent several hours searching for this and manually looking though hundreds of posts, the problem is when you search for "servo atmel 168" or similar, everything I found is about how to control a servo in the regular way.

My goal is is to find a servo that I can inexpensively re-program to add some new features to, like reading the current angle, and controlling via 1-wire serial. Very similar to what the OpenServo project does by replacing the whole servo controller board.

Does anyone else remember this servo?

Thanks in advance.

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I believe you`re looking for this although it was never an internal board as far as I`m aware.
Thanks for the link, the servos in that project are somewhat similar to what my goal is, but not adding any hardware really what I'm going for.
In fact I have made an openservo :


But later I change the implementation to use an DIP atmega 168 to control 3 servo in a bigger board.


T before M?

Opps, yah I did the search correctly.. If i had spelled it wrong there i would have only got the old pager company.

*Fixed post