Let's Make Robots!

From Virtual to Real

Hi everybody, I would like to share a little bit the way I design my robots.


As many of you, I begin with paper and pencil to make draft designs. It’s really cool to draw because that let you fly your imagination on the way you want your robot be alive.


When I have the draft design of my robot finally on paper, I go to the second step, I design all the robotic structure on a virtual way, which allows me to know the dimensions of the robot and fix some other stuff that are not possible to visualize on the drawing sketch.


It’s really cool to design the robot on a virtual mode, because you not only save money during the construction stage, but also you can improve many aspects of the design and that allows you to have a better idea of how you really want your robot.


Finally when I finish all the virtual idea, the construction of the robot is faster, because I only have to follow the planes of my virtual design and voila!, a robot is made from the Virtual environment to the Real world.


Here some examples of the robots I have made on that way.


VIRTUAL ROBOTS                                 REAL ROBOTS


Obstacle avoid Robot



 Gripper Robot



Palm Robot

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So what CAD program do you use?


I use SolidEdge and Maya