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Small DC motors for robots

I have expermented with thes motors and provide specs. They are NEW and higher quality then toy motors. I use postal chippin calculator for shipments and welcome international response. I am just a small rbot loving bird trying to make my hobby self suffecient. I am willing to trade for some good quality onmiwheels and combines shipping no problem. Imformation as follows. I offer a good price for LMR members and will throw in a few TTL chips if interestted.



Sony geared hi torque DC motor
 Great for Robotics and moving displays. Geared down to very hi touque for its size. I can,t stall it out even at 4 volts with my fingers on the final gear.. Sony motor assembly tested at 14 volts 24 hours. No heat. Wide speed range per voltage. Ideal for 4.5V to 8.4 battery operation.


!2 V = 20 MA  (no load)

12 V = 140 MA (load)

4 V  = 10 MA (no load)

4V   = 160 MA (load)

  Misumi  G2  3v to 6v Small DC motor

This is a high quality small DC motor ideal for small robots or hoppycraft. Takes little power suited for low voltage battery operation.It has brass sleeve bearings and a machined aluminium enclosure great to prevent overheating. It is rated for 3 Volts to 6 Volts DC, but I have tested it at 7.4 volth with no problems. I have found it can handle standard hobby 7.2 Volt Ni Cad batterys with no problem. I tested one at 7.4 Volts no load for 12 hours and it was cool. Made in Japan. Specs. as listed below. Intrenational orders are welcome and combines shipping no problem. Just imform me first.  20 available.

   Voltage        No Load Current        Locked Rotor Current


3 Volts                  58 MA                              320 MA

6 Volts                  60 MA                              600 MA

7.4 Volts               63 MA                              680 MA

Sony motor assembly  $4.99

US shipping flat rate $3

Mitsumi small DC motor $4.99

US shipping flat rate $2

Sorry I am only prepared to handle PAY PAL for payment. I can send an invoice before each order no problem. I have a 100% rating on Ebay for both buying and selling.

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A listing of some motors I got off Ebay for a good price