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Tweel - new tire system

Hows this for none air filled tires ........ recommended for skid steering too.

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Still cant believe why the skid steer should be better .

My only guess is maybe the "Tweel" goes into torsion during turn on the spot - but hey it must have limits.......... (need better proof)

Well they did some thorough testing at least. I think they stuck those wheels on virtually every known rolling platform man has come up with. The name needs some work though.. tweels makes me think of people who use twitter.

Tweels, Treels... I should chuck some treads on the bottom of legs and call them Twegs :D

Yes, clearly the marketing department has not had a pass at the name yet.  ; j

Tweely good name .....Not !!!!

Yes the marketing team must have been on Holiday..................

Looks a lot like the built in suspension wheels on the current Mars exploration vehicles.  Cool stuff.
looks like a tremendous amount of rolling resistance.....:O