Let's Make Robots!


Roams around, avoids obstacles with ultrasound and ir

This is propably fourth or fitfh evolution version of my first finished and working robot ever built.

It has Oopic-R controller as brains, 2 cont.rot. modified servos as drive system, 2 SRF04 sonars as obstacle detectors and 1 GP2D12 Ir-sensor to see edges of tables and such. And also lcd-display to help debugging.

It serves as generic testing platform for new hardware and new algorithm ideas. Nowdays i'm more of a arduino-fan but oopic is also nice board.


Side view:

side view

Top view:

Top view

 Front (bit blurry):



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Its called google my freind. Thats all i did was google it. Thats all you had to do. scroll down to blue http://www.usplastic.com/catalog/product.asp?catalog_name=USPlastic&category_name=21314&product_id=9792.
vids???? looks neat 
Video added, yay! It's a bit dark but hope you see something. Gonna try to get better one in daylight.
it looks like it gets way too close to things. You should change that value at which it decides to turn.
this looks a very nice setup
Tom J