Let's Make Robots!

Old Avatars

Thought it might be good to log a history  of folks' old avatars.


Over on the left, there is how my original avatar should have looked. It was supposed to be animated with me spinning around. Frits reckons it would have been irritating and is glad the resizer stripped all but the last frame out. So all you ever saw was the bald spot at the back of my head.

So, there you have it: This was BOA.

At the top right, probably one that's most recognsied as "BoA, the Nutter." Replacing it with the one at the bottom right, which I'm not too happy with, but it's ME.

Update: Have changed back to BoA the Nutter.

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You cant be going bald??? Fritsl is really young looking in his hughe avatar. I always thought he was a big baby. lol :P



Does this one qualify me for membership of SYFL?


SYFLV is a Video club. Show us the art in progress: then maybe. Make sure to speed it up like x20.

Cool avatar though.

I liked your original avatar but I agree with Frits that it would become irritating. Did you draw this by hand or have you written some software to vectorise a photo?

Software, man. Software. I don't do art. :-)

I still maintain that the intelligenge required to convert a bitmap to a vector would be nearly prohibitive. I load a bitmap, then use my supreme intelligence to guide a rhodent around it. (No, NOT a kangaroo. The rhodent common in the Northern hemisphere!)


I could not find mine, but here is one from same series..DSC00096.jpg

I thought you said you don't actually fly planes? Liar!



If that plane is on the ground, it's at the top of a bloody steep hill.
OK, it may be @ takeoff :)
I don't. I was only allowed to try to steer, and I am not in the first pilots seat... and.. the plane is on the ground :D