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Mail-E, a mail-checker robot - now also checks LMR RSS!

is cute, warns me when i receive a new e-mail

As i'm waiting for the last missing parts for my "big" project, i play and make few experiments so i learn new stuff... those days i work on serial communication pc/picaxe, and there it is :

a papercrafted Wall-E (because there aren't enough wall-e on LMR ^^ ) that warns me when i have new e-mails.

It's almost finished but not yet.

For now on one hand i can control it (head and arms) from a small VB software as you can see on the video.

The video is a bit long and not that much interesting, it just shows how it moves. (edit: second video added, see update on the bottom).


 On the other hand i already wrote the program which checks my e-mail account using pop3 every X seconds :


So now i just have to mix them and if everything goes well, i'll soon have a small assistant on my desk which will move each time i receive a new mail :)

The robot is actuated by three 9g mini-servos, and controlled by a SD21 servo driver and a picaxe 18x... i know, it's a bit like killing a mouse with a rocket launcher, it's just that i want to get used to the board before building my next robot, but i have to order a bunch of 08M for that kind of experimentation, as soon as i get them i'll do the brain transplantation (and maybe try to fit everything in the robot, but there isn't much space). If i have the time, i'll add wireless communication (i just received the cheap sparkfun modules) so i won't have to put it next to my computer.

Here are few pictures of the inside, 3 servos, some meccano and double-sided tape :







UPDATE 17/09/09


I added a new video, I mixed the programs and that's it, now i have a small assistant that scares warns me  when i receives a new mail! And i realized something, that by analyzing the content of the mail (exp., subject, body etc...) in the VB program i can send different commands to therobot... meaning that i can control it from anywhere, just by sending an e-mail :D

Well, even if i'd like to make some improvements, like make something to house the batteries and pic, modify the movement sequence when the mail arrives, or make it wireless, i consider this project finished for now as i now want to move on my other project and therefore need my SD21 board. But I'll sure come back to it some days!



UPDATE 20/09/09


Thanks to Rudolph who helped me find the LMR RSS feeds, Mail-E now warns me when the front page of LMR changes...

No video since a robot update doesn't seem to modify the RSS (only new robots), so for now here the new program interface :


with a different sequence of movements so i can tell if it's it's a new mail or a change on LMR...:)

And someone who often has good and creative ideas and who recently played with a LCD screen suggested me that i could add one as a front panel to give the details i now display on my computer screen (exp. and subject for e-mails,title and author for LMR rss... that's definitly something i'll think about...

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Awww so cute! Papercraft robotics for the win.
Very cool. Hows the other project coming on? I'm waiting on parts still.
@OddBot & @Ezekiel:
Thanks, paper is just the cheapest, quickest and easiest way to make a robot look good!

still working on it, i should receive the very last parts tomorrow, i hope that this week-end i'll have the time to make a cardboard prototype and if everything's ok, i'll send it to production next week... but then i don't know how much time it'll take to be done, so i still think you'll finish before me ;)

Oh, This is cool! :D

Did you print it on A4 or A3?

I'll probably make one to live on my book shelf. :)

The original papercraft is supposed to be printed on A4, but it was too small to fit the servos so i enlarged it to print it on 2 A4.

But this one is a very simple one, if you have time and aren't affraid to cut a loooot of paper, you can try this one or even find many more!

HaHa! So Sweet!!!! Great idea!!!

Paperbots on the way  ;)

Hey MAIL-E is lookin GREAT! He is also so **** cute too... :) Now ya have done it. I wanna make one!
awsome you should make him say wall-e when you get a mail