Let's Make Robots!

Guess what I'm Building?

Guess what I'm Building?
30 High Torque Servos
1 Manual Drill Press
1 Reprap Prototyper
4 SRF05 Ultrasonic Sensor*
5 pounds of ABC plastic
12 square feet of Foamboard
5 Dagu Sensor mount kits* 
3 DAGU Mr. Basic Kits + Special boards*
1 GPS Sensor
1 USB datalogger
1 Heat Camera
1 Arduino
6 Pickaxe 18-1
1 Xmos Quad core MCU
3 stepper motors
8 Transcievers
2 XBEE Pros
6 Peizoelectric Force Sensors
2 Servo Claws
1 Large red shed
12 square feet of plywood
1 100 foot extension cord
* = ordering soon...

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Um an overly expensive work out lift weight?
Flexes muscle...lifts a fridge with biomechanic pinkie. It is not a workout machine.

Just curious, did you at least get your LEDs to blink? :D

I'm.. not the best at math, but from a quick glance, I added up to almost $800.. I hope you have REALLY nice parents :P

Hope he knows what he is doing.
The worlds largest spanking machine?

Hey now, you're going to get my girlfriend excited! lol jk :)


Buuut hey benbo, you know you can always donate to the CaptainObvious Fund of Fun. :P

tsk tsk :D


anyways, a battlebot? cant imagine anything else :D

There is a thin line between spanking machine and beating machine. lol :p
well, the spanking machine will get you into a SH lawsuite....the beating machine will only improve morale...  :D

Thanks for saving me time Benbo, i was about to try to list each time i saw you posting "i'm gonna need one", "how much 30 of those would cost?", "i'm definitly gonna buy 8!" etc... i was starting to think that you were the richest guy on this forum! :p




Anyway, i'm pretty sure you're building a Terminator. Or a toaster (but a really cool one).