Let's Make Robots!

Guess what I'm Building?

Guess what I'm Building?
30 High Torque Servos
1 Manual Drill Press
1 Reprap Prototyper
4 SRF05 Ultrasonic Sensor*
5 pounds of ABC plastic
12 square feet of Foamboard
5 Dagu Sensor mount kits* 
3 DAGU Mr. Basic Kits + Special boards*
1 GPS Sensor
1 USB datalogger
1 Heat Camera
1 Arduino
6 Pickaxe 18-1
1 Xmos Quad core MCU
3 stepper motors
8 Transcievers
2 XBEE Pros
6 Peizoelectric Force Sensors
2 Servo Claws
1 Large red shed
12 square feet of plywood
1 100 foot extension cord
* = ordering soon...

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So, 5 Kg of stuff on top of some dinky YDM tracks.. It's a Topple-Overer™

Beats me?!...but it sounds like some sort of WMD.



I also forgot a massive battery...

What is this Heat Camera you speak of? Links?


cowgod built a robot a while back and it used a heat camera as well. the thing sees in 8 pixels of thermal imaging. I plan for human recognition in the robot.
i hope you have the knowledge to do this because you cant spell Picaxe. Wait is it a bucket of pointless parts?

He has bought no wheels or tracks, so either it's walking or stationary, but 1100 feet of power cord? what's that it metric anyway?

My guess is that you're making a robot workshop... I'm right arern't I..?

I meant to write YDM treads and 100 feet (about 30 m) of cord

and excellent deduction skills!

I think he's building the TARDIS.