Let's Make Robots!

Anyone seen any links to using a lathe /mill machine to make a robot.

I have only found ONE link searching the whole web. I recently bought a 7X10 lathe/mill machine and would like to use it to work on my robots, but no info except general operations.  Any links would be apreciated.




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From Dan the CowGods post : The Lathe

Hi MovieMakers,

 I don't know of any sites exactly as you describe, I use my 8 x 20 and my little Emco SL to build robots.

 I suggest you jump up on yahoo groups,

there are groups for the 7x10 and 9x20



they are both quite active, and check the following:



there is lots,

if you want a start up project have a look at my http://letsmakerobots.com/node/4640

Some simple turning exercises in it.

all the best


Thanks, Cliff
I'm looking for a cnc mill thingy and i need to know the url and price please...