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Pet Care Robot Features Best Charging System Ever

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robologist's picture
Pretty cool idea, would be interesting to see the mechanism and charging.
voodoobot's picture

...this was interesting, but did anyone check out the biped walker from lynxmotion...damn that looks pretty cool and walks decently as well...check out the main page of the site.



*A unique charging system.
to prevent time from being wasted while charging
jklug80's picture
Sounds really over engineered. Why have he batteries move? Just have leads connect to the robot to recharge. When recharged move the robot away. Like how a roomba recharges.
TotoroYamada's picture
Lol jklug, if you had read the article you would have seen that it's the point :  during "normal" charge (like a roomba), the robot can't do anything else! Although with this system the robot is charged all the time, and therefore has no break in tasks...
jklug80's picture
I understand WHY I just don't get why you need it to be always available. The charger greatly adds to the cost of the robot. Its just more to break. Given the use of the robot I don't see an issue with not being able to use it for a short time so it can recharge. I just think its a bit overengineered.
TeleFox's picture
Totally with you on this one J.
I've seen a concept for a similar idea to be used with electric cars - the cars would roll into a service station and they've have their depleted batteries/hydrogen canisters switched out for freshly cleaned and charged new ones, thus reducing the recharge time and hassle for the consumer. Now there was an application that called for this kind of design.
TotoroYamada's picture

Well for a pet care robot that's indeed maybe a bit too much, but i still find the concept pretty smart... Imagine for a human care robot?

I don't really get why you seem so reluctant to the concept, but after all, why not?