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Canadian eletronics supply

This is a site that I have recently found browsing ebay for a local supplier to help me along the way of learning and building.





Please post if you know of any other Canadian affordable suppliers

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Give DIPmicro a break. yes it was posted in the wrong area and should have been posted under links. I think the point is made.

There is a good selection and  the prices seem very low, almost as good as ebay prices with out the shipping delays. 

I am going to try them out on my next partrs order.



Around here there are very little to no electronic hobbyist stores other than The Source (Your Radio Shack but  lacking in anything good...) a hobby shop that carries only RC cars and some quality brushless motors, and a small time store who never seems to be open that carries all the components I COULD use if i could get in there lol.




I respect that as this site is well maintained and from what I can see no advertisements.I was kinda surprised when i checked to see if anyone posted any other Canadian suppliers as I could only find the one (other then http://www.robotshop.ca) and found those posts, but again it would seem odd someone almost 20 minutes new and posting a link first post.




We try to keep it well maintained anyway ;)

As Voodoobot and Totoro Yamada said, we've had quite a few spammers lately. I don't think there's been two days back to back in the last month that haven't had spam to remove. Some is blatantly obvious, others not so much. We get craploads of thinly disguised spam that looks quite similar to this. One of the easiest ways to prove oneself a non-spammer is to reply, which you did. Thanks.

Please feel free to add your link to the Links section as well. Then if/when components from that store are used they can be cross-linked with the shop. The weblinks and components are kind of strange at the moment, but they do work. I'm hoping to be able to get to working some kinks out of them relatively soon.

HVWTech has already been mentioned, I believe FingerTech Robotics is Canadian as well (and a member here to boot).

Solarbotics is a pretty good supplier, they bought HVWTech too. Robotshop.ca seems good, but haven't ordered from them yet.

wow really? I'm new here but i mean that was the first thing I posted as Im just getting started and I found this guy to be cheap. Remove it you want but dont accuse me of being a "robot" here to spam.


"Agreed, it's not a robot spammer, but definitly advertising... (and i really don't like the way he pretends to be legit >_< ) "


Either enjoy the  link or remove. I dont pretend to be anythin. I don't appreciate accusations and the lack of welcoming from a positive community?


Delete this post 

I think some people are a bit jumpy with the rash of spam we've had recently. the posting looked legit to me and I'd also seen you post on the shout box.

I was actually pretty excited that you found the site based on the results of my bot comming up.


 Hopefully this incident won't detur you from using the site as it's very useful.

Hopefully this weekend I can get to posting my ideas on the Spybot and what I had done until I seen yours and found another RC car to merge the idea with. Currently waiting on L298N dual bridges to help free up space allowing me to put the bridges on a projects board nice and small still be able to add 4x4? (think thats what i ordered) breadboards so I can later add

Well so please accept my apologies, i tend to see spammers everywhere since we're litterally invaded by them... and for a first post, just a link without any presentation, greetings or whatsoever seemed pretty weird to me...

So sorry again, next time i'll just shut up...

I dunno, these first posters...