Let's Make Robots!

Mystery Gadget - Code name "LoMoR" - RSS feeds Bog Off

Here is a Mystery Gadget i made for you to ponder over until i get some Video Up and Running.

Edit:- Now Fully Blogged "LoMoR"

NB. If there are any Automatic RSS feeders listening into this Blog then  "Bog Off" ,this is a Top Secret LMR only scoop.

Any Idea what it is then feel free to guess............codenamed "LoMoR" Lets-Orientate-Map-Our-RobotsRSSFEEDERSBOGOFF.jpg

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Good point. Even a dedicated ale and stout lover like me doesn't drink much of it in the summer.

Are they speaking Mandarin, Cantonese or something else where you are? Have you figured out how to order in the native language yet? It's one of the most important things I learned to say when I was working in Beijing, right after "ni hao" and "xie xie".

This thread is getting a bit like a night out with the lads - aka Pub Crawl

Could it be that we are more relaxed knowing that the RSS feeders have actually "Bogged Off".

Anyway lads the next round is on me............

Ok guys, looks like you both need my help...


I'll have a couple of those :D


"NB. there is only one place in the whole of my city where i can buy Guinness .....sigh.........."

I'd be very, very unhappy... however you should see the bright side : at least you have one!

infra red "see in the dark" scanner.

Firemen use them ti navigate through smoked up buildings. Do you sweep it yourself or does it come with a servo?

Also the hand sweep one was used in the Aliens Film.



Firemen have a hard enough job as it is ( do they really use them in smoke .....wow thats good to know-maybe my gadjet has a 2nd use..thanks rik)

Yes its Total Automatic servo scanning ..to save on "Tennis Elbow".

....... Output device is  OddBots (competiton win) Display none the less.

(which is one reason i cant post videos of it as the display is upside down (austrailian) and i cant work out the maths to turn it 180°)

Its a good guess by you rik ....... however you will have to be more specific to get more points :-)

The display was made in China, same hemisphere you are in. Try holding it the right way :P

It seems you've made a nice sonar version of a radar :D

"Periscope Up" - give that man a Prize (wait a minute - this was your prize).

Yes its a Sonar mapping gadget.

I have been trying to emulate human senses and when your display arrived "Bingo" the gift of sight was granted.

The idea serves two purposes (i mean will serve two purposes - the maths and scaling and calibration need work).

  1. Visual Mapping System (WYSIWYG) , yes you see what the Ultrasonic scanner sees
  2. The display acts as a memory system - It can be read after a snapshot scan has been taken.
  3. Scaling-zooming of mapped area also possible.