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rambling robot

i am trying to build a metal detecting robot. i do not know anything about them but i used to do a lot of programming

  so i just took a self propelled mower, took off the blade. i make it go in an ever-decreasing-circle. I paid a local electrical engineering company to interface to my metal detector thru the headset. When the headset goes off, it activates a signal which activates a solenoid to paint a spot on the ground where the metal is.

I can completely cover an acre or 2 in an hour. I use a second detector and go around the edges. 

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The sketchup looks good, I won't rate until we see some real pictures :D  But you should take a look here at Gareths bots, Thunderbird 6 and TB-007. It uses a metal detector as well, but I don't think he added the spray paint, which is a good idea.




And welcome to the site!:D

Please read the faq. thanks :)
Kid's toy. it lights up a green led if it finds something, so I will have it check the green led every once in a while, if i ever choose to incorporate this.

wire up the out put to the led to an input on what ever micro your using then get it to react when pin whatever goes high