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my poor robots.

i have come to realize my robots dont stay in one peice for too long. i get a new idea and parts go flying. guess thats a part of being broke. anyone else have this problem? blocky has been torn down and his peices are on my new robot to be posted soon the rest of his parts are going to end up on my airsoft robot. look out for that one too. i guess this is just an update on whats been going on. havent been around for a while moved out and whatnot

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I am thinking in disassembling almost all of my bots (except zezinho) for that same reason. I just look at them on the shelf with nothing to improve, so.. I guess time has come when a robot must sacrifice himself to give birth to a new one  :)
I'm thinking of disassembling my first robot, as it has some good parts in it and I actually did not switched him on for few months for now...

My robot project actually came out of no money, and having to reuse things in projects


I had hoped to have mutliple PICAXE chips and project boards, so I could maintain several active bots. Unfortunately, we recently had a few unexpected expenses at home, so my robotics budget is frozen.

I built my PICAXE-28 project board into a reusable module with power regulation, power switch,and a little piezo speaker. I can easily relocate it between bots. That'll have to do for now.

Mark 2.5 is held together with stickytape and a prayer. Working on cutting new wheel brackets, at 10 pm. next step is incorporate DAGU sensor mounts
Oh yeah. Zero-budget robotics means reusing almost everything. I've got a few brains (1 Arduino, 3 "Arduinos", 1 Propeller), but motors and sensors are in rather short supply around here.