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avoids from obstacles

y_engel.jpgCyclops is a obstacle avoider robot with one obstacle detector. This obstacle detector is prepared with an IR led and IR receiving module. To detect the obstacle all around the robot the obstacle detector was mounted on a stepper motor. The stepper motor comb the surroundig of robot by turning clockwise and counterclockwise.









The stepper motor is controlled with ULN2003, and to control the dc motors a L293D motor driver IC was used. The main circuit of Cyclops is controlled with PIC16F628A.

you can watch Cyclops in action by this video


The sensor ad stepper motor motion can be watched on this link


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where did you get your stepper, and whats the difference between a stepper and a PWM controllled motor

A PWM controlled DC motor is just a regular DC motor. PWM gives you speed control, but you could drive it straight from a battery if you wanted to.

A stepper motor has multiple coils, and needs a special drive circuit to run it. 

Here's a good site on understanding the various types of stepper motors: Jones on Steppers.