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avoids scary cats people and walls

time for a proper write up. this is my first functioning and finished robot rover. it is a servo drive robot using 2 futaba s3003 and two futaba s3001 servos for drive. there is no real reason for this just what i had laying around. it has another s3003 with ping mounted playing the role of "eyes". the wheels are from a cheap walmart fighting robot with servo horns glued to them. the base is just a project box top. the pictures bellow are some of the original layouts. and they will keep changing. right now it does the basic run and avoid. but a new chassis is in the works so i can add more functions to rover. keep checking in updates will come


0920091502.jpgRover V1.0

0921092242.jpgRover V1.1

0921092242b.jpgRover V1.1

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i to am building a arduino rover but i need help with my code. i was wondering if i could see yours to help me. im not the best programmer yet and could use the help. thanks.
I like your chassis, looks like offroad :D

I am working on the same thing. Using Arduino.

The current one is using mini-z monster.



Still working on it.

Looks good! Waiting for more updates and even cooler vids! 5 stars