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i need help on building my first robot

im a BS Information Technology student from the Philippines.. currently im trying to find a away to build my first robot (its a project.. i gotta make one) without first hand knowledge.. im having problems on finding a shop that has the materials i need.. (we dont have radioshack here).. so.. if anybody here is in the philippines.. i need your help.. so bad..

also.. if anybody can help me with some programming language.. even simple concepts.. so that i could program the robot(again its required to make your own program for the robot).. i know basic c language.. but i have no idea how to make a motor move with it... bless me..

i was hoping to build a simple one.. something thats programmable... can anyone give me a suggestion on what to make?

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Hi, I'm also from the Philippines. Do you know any shops here where I can buy materials like those needed in the start page?

Yep, both posters above are 100% correct. I'm in the process of gathering all the parts that I need to build my first robot too. I'm starting out with the bot they mentioned, and then taking that design and moving further with it. I'd recommend the same to you.



you can always order the equipment online...the tutorial for the 'Start Here' project is very exhaustive and gives you links to all the websites for each component.


It also has the necessary BASIC code at the bottom of the page for use with the PICAXE 28x1 board.

Please see & read all on "Start here" -> Top Menu.