Let's Make Robots!

The Blue Thunder Project: New concept art!

 This is Blue Thunder. He has nearly every major degree of freedom that a human has, using 28 servos.

That's What I'm Building. I need input on Batteries, that need to run 26 High torque servos and 2 Micro servos, are rechargable, light, and get a runtime of over 10 min.

I also need advice whether I should get a Sieg X2 Mini Mill, and convert it to CNC, or Big Blue Saw the parts I need...

This is what All This Is For

Program objectives coming soon...Sorry for the messy doodle I did in Math Class...

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So i was right... you wanna build a Terminator...
Use LiPo. They are light, have high capacity. Downside(s) they are not cheap and you need special chargers. looks interesting. Good luck!
wahts the 7 mr basic kits for?

one will have model rocket engines strapped to it. just for fun, i will launch it with an 08m, just to see.

the other 6 will become cheap bases for my xmos robots

You are attaching rocket motors to mr basics and launching them with a picaxe...

1. Do your parents know your intentions?

2. Do your parents know they are wasting their money?

3. Just for fun? Wasting money for fun? If you wanna waste money just burn it or give it to me. Either way.

Self Funded. I too have a job.

THey have heard of Blue Thunder, but not super-basic.

Super Basic is just for fun, and a desperate attempt at the mr basic competition.

Sorry, I misunderstood your post x.x I thought you were propelling all 7 of them with engines! my bad :p

Get the Seig X2, but don't add CNC, just hand cut the parts.

And Lipo batteries are good if you are very careful in charging

Benbo I hate to say this but I think you are way in over your head, again. Do you realize that even the most intelligent scientists, that have access to things you've never heard of, still haven't made a robot move like a human does. I know you have heard this over and over again, but quite honestly why blow all of your money for parts that you'll get frustrated with and then they'll just end up sitting on your bedroom floor. You are not being realistic and are way overestimating your abilities. You can't simply go from a basic progam with three servos and a sensor, to multiple sensors and over 20 servos. Why not try and finish some of your other projects first? Like Ball-e, swarmies?

Ball-e is out. The hamsterball acts like a fresnel lens, distorting the IR I would use for object detection. Maybe I'll dream up a project-saver someday, but it's on hold for now.

Swarmies are going to develop gradually along with Blue Thunder. I plan to eventually integrate Blue Thunder as the swarm's leader.

Isn't the point of science to boldly go where no man has gone before? If humans didn't try stuff, we'd all still be sitting around in cold, dark caves, wearing tiger skins or something. I plan to have this thing be fully awesome, and if it doesn't work, i'll just put it on hold until I have the resources I need to do so. As i have doen with Ball-E