Let's Make Robots!

The Blue Thunder Project: New concept art!

 This is Blue Thunder. He has nearly every major degree of freedom that a human has, using 28 servos.

That's What I'm Building. I need input on Batteries, that need to run 26 High torque servos and 2 Micro servos, are rechargable, light, and get a runtime of over 10 min.

I also need advice whether I should get a Sieg X2 Mini Mill, and convert it to CNC, or Big Blue Saw the parts I need...

This is what All This Is For

Program objectives coming soon...Sorry for the messy doodle I did in Math Class...

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Your going to eat your words unless you have full understanding of whatever language you are using.

Again.. this comes down to what I was trying to explain in the shout box earlier..

You're going to ask people for help.. they're going to take their personal time to help you.. and then you're just gonna throw it away... or "put it on hold"

I put it on hold, then the help will not be for nothing, it will simply just be delay of gratification.

Besides, other then robots, isn't LMR all about a friendly community? I'd give my neighbor a cup of sugar even if i didn't get a cookie...

If you would want to help me in the future, feel free to do so, and if not, please don't. I appreciate your feedback.

Benbo giving a cup of sugar takes ten seconds. Taking all of the time to answer your questions, and you pretty much everyone feels obligated to answer you because you just ask it over and over again, takes hours of time. Benbo look at this realisticly. You will not get the results you want out of this project, it will not work and be totally awesome like you claim, it will then just sit in your room "on hold" or as just a pile of parts. In ten years when you look in your attic you will see that box of parts unfinished. I'd love for you to prove me wrong but quite honestly I don't think you can nor do I think you will. Say you put it all together... What about programming? You are a basic user who has only written code for what one obstacle avoider?

So, uh, Ian... could you tell me how many bots you got up on here?  

This is the place to ask and answer questions. If ya don't feel like doing it then don't. 

Well if you look under my profile page, it says that I haven't posted any robots on here. I have made robots though. A sumo robot, a start here, a tiny arduino bot, and a current house cleaning bot. I realize my post wasn't in the best spirit but I was just being realistic. Forgive me for taking it to far Benbo. I had a long day and I was in a cranky mood. ;)

we all have them, those days when we wanna attach a cannon to a little 8 and set it loose...

those GRR days...