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My First Robot

Draft Robot Page: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/12713

My first robot is a Valkyrie CNC using TinHead's example: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/9006


Vector Drawings: http://letsmakerobots.com/files/clone_cnc_vector.pdf (draft)
Measurements will be available for these drawings by December 2009 or if somebody bugs me for it.

Cost will be more than $200 -- The motor drivers were the most expensive bit of it.  One could bring down the cost by hand-building the driver boards, but I sourced the PCBs from BatchPCB.

Plans for this robot: learn about CNC machines and control systems, and machine prototype PCBs for other robots. [...]

Credit where credit is due: My CNC is deeply indebted to TinHead's work on the motor driver (node/6967), driver software, Arduino controller software, and hardware design, along with the discussions on the "Valkyrie" robot page (node/9006).  Driver software is http://github.com/TinHead/Valkyrie-CNC-source-code/tree/master .  Somewhere in the driver and Arduino source code, the RepRap project gets kudos as well.  Debt is also owed to http://buildyourcnc.com for some of the construction tips.  I wouldn't be able to join the wood so well without learning good drilling technique.  Also, ladyada's AVR tutorial ( http://www.ladyada.net/learn/avr/ ) was essential to programming the ATTINY2313 used in the stepper drivers.  The controllers were programmed on a minimalist target board from evilmadscientist.com ( http://www.evilmadscientist.com/article.php/avrtargetboards ). 

Giving back: I'll be posting more detailed plans for my iteration of this machine.  It is TinHead's design, but where there needed to be alterations (e.g. the PCB design needed changes before BatchPCB would accept it) I made changes, and where there were ambiguities, I had to figure them out (for example, the views of the robot from the back, sides, and bottom I wished I could see).  Also, I ground a copper-clad board into my first prototype circuit board (first ever!) while waiting for BatchPCB, and if I wanted to spend many hours grinding copies of that prototype motor driver board, I could have saved easily $70 on manufacturing the boards (toner transfer would have been quicker but I had a new rotary tool to try out).  If the proto driver board works, I'll post that as well.  My plans for this homage to the Valkyrie is to document the building as best I can, so that more pics and plans are available online for folks like me who want to tinker.

Budget example for sourcing components from the USA37.42 KB
clone_CNC_skate_bearings.JPG383.87 KB
clone_CNC_pcb_backlit.JPG350.28 KB
clone_CNC_pcb_front.JPG285.59 KB
clone_CNC_pcb_back.JPG372.71 KB
clone_CNC_copper_front1.JPG347.72 KB
clone_CNC_copper_backlit.JPG336.59 KB
tiny2313_stepper.brd23.75 KB
clone_cnc_600px.jpg125.03 KB
clone_cnc_floating_block.PNG5.74 KB
clone_CNC_1101_front_s.JPG23.07 KB
clone_CNC_1101_back_s.JPG26.48 KB
clone_cnc_captive_nut.png2.44 KB
clone_cnc_1500px.jpg877.57 KB
clone_cnc_vector.pdf99.8 KB
clone_cnc_closeup_sm.jpg102.22 KB
clone_cnc_closeup_1500px.jpg705.01 KB
clone_cnc_I2C_test.PNG7.14 KB
clone_CNC_Dec09_med.jpg319.46 KB
clone_CNC_Dec09_small.jpg122.25 KB

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That is goin' on the scrapbook :D I mean this here http://letsmakerobots.com/node/4389