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STBot - Surveillance and Telepresence

Surveillance and Telepresence

This is my currently on-going project. Basic concept is a robot having telepresence and independent surveillance capabilities.

It has Arduino-board handling all the low-level stuff, motors and sensors. Arduino is connected to Asus eee-pc which handles intelligent decision and telepresence stuff, wi-fi and so on. The pc runs probably java-software which commands arduino.

Idea is to have two modes, one being independent roaming and surveillance and when spotting a human, maybe send alert  to somebody. Second mode is remote control via wireless connection, a human could control the bot and see and hear everything using client application which connects to the bot through internet.

Quite beginning stages, currently I have motors and batteries attached and also pan-tilt-webcam. I'll update when there's something new to show. Don't fully know how this is going to look when finished, planning as I go :)


Here you can see the insides, very prototype-stages. Motors, batteries, Arduino, MD22 motor controller and breadboard: 



Close-up of the pan-tilt-camera:


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Its quite similar to mine!

I went with a pair of 6v 12AH batteries to get 12v. Arduino is powered by USB from the eeepc and i have a seperate servo and motor controller. motors are from cordliss drills, sensors are sonar and IR. I used chopping boards for my base.

I dig the enclosure. Repurposed well!