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PIng))) with Picaxe 28X1

I am using a Ping))) with 28x1 proto board and have it wired per this article http://letsmakerobots.com/node/1276 i am using the code snippet from that article aswell. I am trying to determine the distance of my ping and am having a hard time debuging. How would i go about doing this?

Here is my debug code. 






 LET DIRSC = %00000000

 PULSIN 0, 1, what goes here for the input? 


 goto Main 

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The sample code you linked to says W0. Did you try that? I don`t know picaxe-speak but W0 looks like a word size variable in position 0.
yeah i tried W0 and W1 but i am not getting a reading on the debug chart. I think im just gonna get a srf05.

On the PICAXE processors, the word variables w0, w1, etc. are made up of two byte pairs. So w0 is made up of b0+b1, w1 is made up of b2+b3, etc.

On the PICAXE programmer debug screen, you'll see b0 through b13 (I think) by default. You can expand the debug screen and see defined word variables as well, or just look at b0 and b1 for w0.