Let's Make Robots!


To verify new account, Rudolph, we shold do something like this:


To block all the spambots. all we should really need is 4 or 5 pics like the ones on facebook, or wherever. Xmos has one...

It won't block manually registered Spammers, but the theory is that if we make our 'car' harder to steal by using a steering wheel hammer thingy, that the 'theives' will steal some other car.

Someone who is determined to spam OUR website should be able to, but someone/something wanting to spam A website will pick the easiest website to spam. Currently, we have no defenses, making us one of the easiest. If you can make the forums freakin awesome like you did, This would be a piece of cake.

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The only problem I see with this.. is it's actual PEOPLE posting the spam.. you can tell by the way they spam.. it's like 4 minutes apart, let alone, we've had some actually talk in the chat box.

But why couldn't this have just gone in the Spammers post?:X

"But why couldn't this have just gone in the Spammers post?:X"

Cause he already posted it there and didn't get a response.

Haha, well that's what I get for paying attention. :D


I still like the idea of not being able to post links/pictures for your first post. Throw a captcha into that idea and it would be mass genocide! Or something like that. :)

It will be done eventually it takes time to implement. There isn't a button to push or a switch to turn the feature on. A lot of code has to be editted to work with it.

Deleted, thanks.


@Benbo, yeah, CAPTCHA has been brought up a few times. We may end up going with something like that.