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One Chip Arduino

Sorry if this is a repost (I didn't see it listed)


But here's a cool idea, a 1 chip Arduino.
























Here's the version 2 - USB!!!



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thats pretty cool, he's gotta put the resonator on there though....that would only run at 8mhz if not...  :/


I like his second setup as well...very compact but the underside looks scary with the bare copper wire so close..

I think the little blue box near the reset swithc is the resonator. Pretty compact design, kinda freeform BEAMish.
from the site, he uses the internal one so I'm pretty sure it's  just a cap.
shouldnt be too hard to glue on something there - except that you probably need another 2x 22pf caps, but they are small.
Well, fine, if you're gonna actually read rather than guess.  ; )
I guess there is still space to add the crystal / ressonator   :)
wow! how are they doing the USB /FTDI conversion?