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motor shield not working...

I was testing a geared stepper with my arduino motor shield and it suddenly stopped working. It has power in the 5V pin 'cause that's were I have my Ping sensor connected, but there seems to be none going to the motor connections. Any ideas? I can't afford another one... please tell me it's not dead.

PS: The L293DNE was a bit hot yesterday while testing other steppers, but it was working this morning. 

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What should I look for with the multimeter? I was using the schematic from ladyada's website to test the pins of the L293DNE's and I notice some voltage differences, but I'm not sure what they mean.
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I checked... there are .5V coming from one L293DNE and like 250mV from the other one. The one with less voltage is the one been used. I was using the M1 / M2 first with the same result; now I'm using M3 / M4, but still no response.