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Salvaging a Color Laser Printer

Hey everybody! I've been following letsmakerobots for a while but haven't posted anything yet. Love the work guys, keep it up. :) I'll get right to it:

 I've recently acquired one of these: http://imgrr.com/x/10e7311.jpg . It's a Samsung CLX-3160FN Color Laser / Copier / Fax. It needs too many parts to be fixed really, so I've decided I'm going to scavenge at least the stepper motors. Anyone have any advice on anything else inside that may be useful apart from caps and connectors? The keypads will be useless as far as I can tell, since they're of the rubber pad type that's generally a pain to get working outside of the intended machine. 


So, any advice here? :) Also, does anyone want to see pics after I tear it down?

 Edit: Thanks for the great advice! It's sort of a huge beast with tons of goodies inside, no doubt. I'll take photos and post a writeup once I start digging in. 


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Gears / pulley / etc! Why didn't I think of that? :)