Let's Make Robots!

ONEinONE - it's not even a robot ;p

it just goes forward or backward ;p

not all in one
just one in one ;p

in concept it had to be just one part of every thing, but i failed ;[
i wanted just one wheel, but i had to attach a couple at the back to let it go smoothly and i had to use to cables to connect motor to battery [i had an option to put something similar on the other side of wheel to counter balance the battery - it would be stupid]

except that:
1 leading wheel
1 motor
1 battery
1 body

i connected 2 CDs with 6 same width sticks form a plastic model kit frame plus another longer one to make the axle for the wheel. i glued them with glue meant for the kit itself ;]
then i appended that black thingy from CD-ROM drawer's motor to one side of the wheel.
i cut a body from a piece of polystyrene and i appended it with a motor.
i linked the body and the wheel, connected the battery and found out that i need another wheel at the back, cause it's not that smooth to go without. few minutes later i have had ready to go vehicle!

to run it, all you need is just to connect a battery to the motor.
if you want it to go the opposite direction, just connect a battery the other way round

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Its been a while, time to revamp this old project and make it into something new and exciting!

I like :D

/ FritsĀ