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Hacked tyco rebound rc car, now I need ideas on what to do with it

Today I dug out one of my old childhood favorites, the tyco rebound. In case you've never seen one, the rebound has 4 wheels large enough so the car can flip itself over. Steering is done like a tank with no treads, each side going forward or backward. It's also FAST. I tore it open and it's built perfectly for modding. There are 6 wires attached to a circuit board. 2 for each motor and two coming from a 6 volt battery pack.

So I cannibalized my "carboard cruiser" project and hooked my picaxe28 board to the motors. Running on only 4.5 volts the thing can barely move itself forward, but holding it off the ground works so I just need more voltage. I want to use the original battery packs as V2 on the project board if I can find the charger to go with them, if not I just need any 6volt source.

horrible quality due to cell phone, but you get the idea...

horrible quality due to cell phone camera, but you get the idea...

Connecting stuff is easy, now I have the hard part of deciding what to do with it. I have a sharp sensor and a servo, but I'm looking into making another big purchase of parts soon so I'm not too limited on what I can use.

If you've ever seen a rebound in action you know they can spin around very fast. I was thinking I could use that for some type of aplication. Maybe have an extendable arm, where it could start spinning and extend the arm to knock down things...or something. That sounds cool but not very usefull...

If you have any ideas, please share them.

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let it roam around, and when it approaches an obstacle it slows down and bumps into it. Then it forwards slowly upwards to find out if it can manage to drive over it (if its a stair step or a pile of books), if it can it continues slowly up and over. If the obstacle is too big (a wall or something) it gives a short full power burst on both motors to ensure a graceful flip and continue in the opposite direction.

 In addition to your distance sensor you will need a gyro or accelerometer to determine when your robot is reaching its maximum angle before it tips over on its "back" 

You wanted ideas, right? 

Interesting. I wasn't planning on making it flipable like the original toy, but maybe I should. I could write 2 seperate program loops so that it acts differently depending on which side is facing up. 

Heh. Give each side a personality. One seeks light, the other avoids light. One is graceful, the other abupt. You get the idea.

Call it, "Jekyll and Hyde". ; j

That's a great idea! :D
I would love to see one of these with a huge piece of chalk on the back writing LMR in a carpark.

Still stuck on that OB?  I'm thinking that trying to get these little speedsters (his and mine) to write something legibly would be somewhat like herding cats.

I did buy some chalk to try, but got no further. I can picture it out on the street now, just got it close in programming, about to start a video run, and -*smash*- some idjit runs over it. 

Programming your robot to do anything cool is always like hearding cats :D and yes I'm still stuck on that because it would be cool if you could do it. I would give it a go but I don't have a rebound, never seen one except on this site.

When we make a 4WD version of the 6WD chassis I will definitely give it a go :)