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cutting board photovore Robot

Breitenberg robots

Hi all,

That´s my first robot using a cutting board base... it has a grip to hold!
ARDUINO Duemilanove and full rotation servos from sparkfun.

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 You not the first I have seen here for using a cutting board. It seems to be popular on this site. Strong and durable for sure. You have alot of space to add on for sure. Easy to drill and tap too.
You can find it anywhere in the world! this one costs about $0.50 near my home.

Looks like a nice starter project.

Does it do some light seeking, hence the photocells?


I have made two scripts.. one to go to the ligth and other to avoid it. After some cut and paste from arduino.cc and others it works.. Like the Breitenberg book robots.. it is very interesting to the beginner.