Let's Make Robots!

My parts are on there way!!!!!

So i just sent for my first robot parts and cant wait for them to arrive. i have the following on the way:

Picaxe 28 starter kit

picaxe 28x1 chip

motor driver

330 ohm resister array

tamiya dual gearbox motors

8 micro servos(Yeah i like servos, just wondering what to do with em :P)

catapiller tracks and pulleys ( from rapid im not sure what there liek so i can report back on them if anywbodys wondering=

2 120:1 motor things (like in the start here bot but i got em for £1.20 :) )

3 project boxes because they were on offer :P

SFR05 ultrasonic sensor


also just wondering, im fine programing a picaxe via the serial to headphoe jack connect to a serial to usb converter right?. 


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You can program a PICAXE from a serial port or a USB, but the USB cable has conversion circuitry inside it. I'm not sure how it will work if you try to convert a serial PICAXE cable to USB.

You can order a PICAXE USB cable if you don't have serial port on your computer.

The starter-kit should include cable!
I suspect he accidently ordered the starter kit with the serial cable instead of the USB cable, but I'm not sure.

I've used a standard USB to Serial convertor on my laptop and then attached my standard serial programming lead and had no problems.  However I have also heard others having problems.  Hopefully it will work for Darkdonkey


Well thats quite a relife PeteH, i dont suppose you could tell me the brand of yours could you?. Oh and by the way i bought the starter kit  from Rapid and they only have a serial version. Worste comes to worst, ill have to dig up one of the ancient computers in my closet,...



Not even sure it has a brand!  I only have internet at work and the convertor is at home.


Well im happy, they just arrived, The picaxe 28x1 is alot, lot smaller than i though  :P, my 330 ohm resistor network is black, and thoase tracks i ordered look fine for robot purposes :)