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(Sin alpha)^2 + (Cos alpha)^2 = 1

Sine dance

Hi guys!
I present you my sixth robot. It`s from plywood and it´s very light robot.

It can be moved in the middle.


He receives four strong (12kg/cm) servos modiefied for continuos rotation and four servos for control.

It can dance "sine or cosine" and it can overcome various obstacles

I wanted to actually write chalk "I Like LMR", but i need more time for programming.

Here some pictures:




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This robot is so cool!  I have decided to build a slightly larger version out of Servo Erector Set brackets, plus some  custom SES brackets I am designing for the rocker arms.  How are you doing the rocker effect without having the controller and everything tip upside down? This is the part I have not figured out yet but am working on. I already have my rocker arm brackets mostly designed and assembled in 3D CAD, but need to figure out the pivot system.
Cool :D

very cool!

how did you make the turning serrvos move so smooth?


b1 = 100
b0 = 225
b9 = 3
b10 = 3
b11 = 3
b12 = 3

servo 0,150 ‘ initialise servo
servo 1,150 ‘ initialise servo
servo 2,150 ‘ initialise servo
servo 3,150 ‘ initialise servo
servo 4,150 ‘ initialise servo
servo 5,150 ‘ initialise servo
servo 6,75 ‘ initialise servo
servo 7,75 ‘ initialise servo

servopos 4,150
servopos 5,150
servopos 6,75
servopos 7,75

let b0 = b0 - b9
servopos 0,b0
servopos 1,b0
servopos 2,b0
servopos 3,b0
pause 50
if b0 < 75 then goto main1
goto main

let b0 = b0 + b9
servopos 0,b0
servopos 1,b0
servopos 2,b0
servopos 3,b0
pause 50
if b0 > 225 then goto main
goto main1

5 ***** for the concept and for the design  ;)

I wonder what you gonna do next :D

Thank you for your praise.

Perhaps I'll  write things on the pavement with chalk. I do not know, becouse I have a new idea - with "remote control".

Very impressive! I love how it handles. Any plans for adding sensors or do you consider it "done"?
Unfortunately, I have no plans for sensors. I hope that I still try the writing "I LOVE LMR".

so you used 8 servos?



Ii used 8 servos. four servo move the wheels and four control the direction.