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PICaxe Platform Module

I've been working on a design supporting 28 & 40 pin PICaxes.  The PICaxe board would support current and upcoming modules like the LCD I/O, motor controller, Internet / IP board, DMX, MIDI, etc.  The prototypes came out great:


I emailed the PICaxe folks last week (orders@techsupplies.co.uk) to get quantity pricing on their IC's.  They emailed me back asking for a more info on the product.  I sent them info and a few days later they let me know they effectively weren't interested in selling me anything because they felt the module would be 'extremely similar' to their 022  protoboard:


I don't think the products are very similar, but even if they were, I don't know why PICaxe doesn't want to foster a community of vendors offering development tools based on their products.  I think choice is a good thing.  Ultimately, though, they decide which products will be made available, and which will not.  

It's highly unlikely that I'll be able to offer PICaxe modules, but here are the design files, offered (like all my other boards) under the MIT license.  Hopefully, someone might find them useful!


Parallax has been incredibly supportive of the community & Arduino is open source, so I was surprised by PICaxe's response.  It bums me out, but whatcha gonna do?

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is the difference between the picaxe folks and Parallax.  When I approached Parallax, we came up with a design contest and they kicked in a several thousand dollars in prizes.  I asked them if they wanted to limit the contest entries just to projects that use parallax products and they said, 'No - we want to get people excited about electronics, regardless of what microcontroller they use'.