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Sensor Pan / Tilt Kit

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Well it's finally here, The Universal sensor bracket designed here on LMR has had an upgrade! We are now selling the bracket as part of a Pan / Tilt Kit. The kit includes the original brackets, two miniature servos, a new bracket to hold the tilt servo and all the nuts, bolts etc.


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yesterday i received 5 of these brackets. the weight is light. the servos looks good. but I did not like the idea of adding 2 flat  washers to form the join. it will be better if using special screws that not have teeth along all the body(see the picture).

or adding small ball bearings will be even better. china made these items cheap.


Is there a web store where I can see other products you sell?


Nah. Just email OddBot or Claudia from their user profile pages and tell them what you are interested in. They can give you a quote on the price and shipping.
Im making one of these at work, good thing i have access to a machine shop!!

Nice. Do I get royalties on the design?

Heh heh! OKay. I'm a bit out of touch here: will this accept the full size R/C servos such as AS-14?


Sorry, even I don't get royalties:D

Since it was only designed to hold lightweight sensors and is very small it will only work with miniature servos. 2 servos come in the kit.

We are working on some servo brackets to allow servos to be joined together for robot limbs. They will come in 2 sizes: small and standard. 

I like it a lot! I think I will get a couple ;)

Do you see the shiny name next to the pictures? Click on the one that says Oddbot. At the top of the page you go to should be another shiny word, Contact. Click it, and say "Dear Mr. Oddbot, I would like to order X amount of your servo mounting kits. My name, adress, town, state, country is:"

Thanks for the info guys.. As a web developer, I should have known the shiny links and shiny pictures should always be where I should be clicking, it's a newb mistake for sure. Always click on the shiny ones, never the dull ones, what was I thinking? ;) There I was clicking on the drab dull links, sheesh! Seriously though, great job on the design of this bracket! 
Aren't you the newb who can't read the post and then asks me to repeat it? :P