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Sensor Pan / Tilt Kit

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Well it's finally here, The Universal sensor bracket designed here on LMR has had an upgrade! We are now selling the bracket as part of a Pan / Tilt Kit. The kit includes the original brackets, two miniature servos, a new bracket to hold the tilt servo and all the nuts, bolts etc.


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Hi all! I'm a newbie here, where exactly could I purchase these brackets? Also, was there specs on measurements? 

Do these things come in all 4 colors? Are they packaged as groups of 10? If so, is the cost now $8.5, or $22.5?




-Amount per package

(I'm ordering tonight I think...)

Cost and content are already mentioned above.

At the moment the new samples are in black only but we will have a full range of colours in the future.

When the blue ones come out, let me know, okay?

I respect China alot for prices. Are servos included? Woda titi zhongwa ren. I respect your motivation. Happy Birthday New China.


Yes, servos included.
great, neat kit guys, I like the combo idea. even with postage it is a good deal for me. cheapest servo's I can find in aus is $28 a pop... :( ouch!
Is there a way for those of us who previously bought the 5 pack of brackets to buy an "upgrade" that includes the new bracket and all the nuts/bolts?
If you want any extra bits such as upgrades just email Claudia with your request. Since China is having a 4 day holiday and we do not have the new bracket in all the colours yet, there may be some delays.
Does that mean that the old 5 pack without servo mount is discontinued?