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Bidirectional I/O on picaxe X2 chips.


I'm planning to build a LED array to display graphics, patterns and things like that. One Idea is to build a robot with a LED "face".

I have some experience with the picaxe chips so I was planning on using one of those for this build. I've got my eye on the Picaxe-28X2 module.

I've been reading about the 28X2 chip having bidirectional I/O pins but I can't tell from the Picaxe manual spec how many inputs or outputs it has, or how many of these are bidirectional. 

basicly what I'm wondering is: how many possible outputs, that I can use for this project, are there on the Picaxe-28X2?

The standard Picaxe-28X seems to have 17 possible outputs making an 8x8 display, which isn't bad.


for examples of similar projecs check here:




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ok, not exactly an answer to my question but thanks for the input...