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pir sensor


 I have this sensor from a security alarm... i have open it and get the little pir sensor (2030B).

 I have readed the pdf about it and i know what are the connectors in it

 Question... the pir sensor will work stand alone? i have connected the sensor to arduino 2009 and use some code that shows the sensor response...but i think that is not working because even disconnectiong the sensor the values are the same.

What is needed to the sensor to work? can i make it with my breadboard?






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have you tried connecting it to a multimeter to verify the output is within spec? Also from my understanding of some of these, they are very sensetive and can remain in an active(high)state even when they are removed from conditions that triggered them.


Yes, you are rigth. They are very sensitive even with soap bubbles!

Ok! That is what i´m looking for.

I did the PIR identify if someone gets close to the robot  and it makes the robot comes alive... it is very fun.

Do you know these sensor can identify a single soap bubble? The robot comes alive when my little dougther plays with her "soap bubble maker"!

 I´m working is a robot with sharp sensors and put the pir to work in that one.