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My Custom PCBs have arrived !


They arrived!!!! I’ve literally counting the hours till they got here!


It took me some time to get the perfect design but it was worth it! I used PCB Layout to design them and ordered them with BatchPCB and it worked out perfectly, the quality of the boards is incredible and I now understand CTC when he was talking about his own custom boards.

Just one “problem”, I got 2 of each board but the order clearly says I only ordered one of each... odd, still can’t complaint.



 After spending 2 nights soldering till 1 in the morning I got 3 boards ready and waiting to be tested. Here are a few pics, there are a few more on the picasa link and the latest pictures of the power board. 


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Nice, neat boards. Sweet.

I've recently had this experience with BatchPCB as well. In my last two orders from them I've gotten double boards as well. Certainly NO complaints! YES! :-) If anybody is thinking about using BatchPCB for a few boards, I am another one that would highly recommend their service. They seem to be great for just a few boards, but they get expensive if you need a bunch of boards made though.

As far as cheap PCB's in some volume go though, has anyone here tried SeeedStudio's Propaganda service? I am about to give them a try myself. I have a few SeeedStudio kits that I've built that are pretty good, so I would assume their PCB service would give me boards of a similar quality to the boards they use in their own products?

I'll certainly mention something somewhere here if I give SeeedStudio Propaganda a try...


Sorry for all the messages you might have gotten from me trying to update this page(with no success). 

Here is the link to the pics. http://picasaweb.google.com/vincentyegen1/CustomPCBs?authkey=Gv1sRgCJSv9qGJ-Z225AE# 

The extra boards actually came in handy, messed one up badly but I had a spare one right next to me.

I finished adding the components to 2 boards and working on 1, will post the pics once I can. 

The set up fee isn't all that bad when you order a few PCBs, well at least I think so, it is charged per order, not per piece(from what I can tell).   

when the total area of the boards you order is small then it does not cost them any extra to make a few more and it keeps the customer happy. Setup cost is a big part of the fee they charge. It is the same when DAGU order PCBs. The company we use will hapilly give us free samples but we still need to pay a setup fee for the samples.


I just got some motor driver boards made with BatchPCB too.  I was also counting the days and hours.  They also sent twice as many as ordered (8 instead of 4).  I'm thrilled since I wanted spares but BatchPCB was expensive.  I think when there is room on the board, either BatchPCB or Gold Phoenix tries to fit as many boards as they can on the sheet.  If you have extras, they make good decorations when thumb-tacked around your home, car, office or cubicle.

Congrats, and enjoy!