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Where are the attachments???

Here is my question for the Admins: Where are the attachments on my robot page? Why are they only visible when you log in?

I have been sharing my Robot Page with friends and other devlopers and one person asked me where were all of the attachments that I was referring them to. That is when I discovered they are only visible when you log in. It seems to be natural to have a view on both sides of this issue, be it scurity on one side and fredom to share on the other side. But as you redisign the site you may consider having an option for the attachment to be visible with or without being logged in.

So after discovering this limitation I re-edited my page and added links to attachments in my main text at the appropriate stages of robot developement. This may seem redundant to members of LMR but it is neccessary for those not holding an account with LMR. Since I have nothing to hide in my attachments I freely make them available to all who browse my page even if they are not logged into LMR.

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I'd be curious if this was related to prevent linking from other sources that could eat up bandwidth if files were large.


That was what I was thinking, as I've seen the same system in place on other websites, ie: no attachment access without proper login status.
If LMR can handle the extra load then I'm happy with that =D
Hi Grue, thanks for pointing that out. It's fixed now, any visitor can now see attachments to posts.
Thank You very much

I never heard any admin mention this effect. Or the desire have it this way. LMR believes heavily in sharing info. Members and non-members should all benefit.

The "choice" to hide attached files from non-member visitors must have been made by the makers of the software (Drupal) that runs this site. And there probably is a way to change the behaviour in the settings somewhere. I will have a look later.


I'm afraid the issue with the attachements not showing is deep down in the DNA of the Robot-module for Drupal. Not exactly standard issue code. Del, do you have any ideas? I am officially giving up the chase.
I'd imagine it's a bandwidth issue - if anyone could view/download attachments the size and quantity would probably have to be restricted instead.
Although I can understand your point of view, I don't think it's a necessary change, what with the easy availability of free web hosting.