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Voltage Regulator

when i use the lm7805 oddbot's voltage regulator...the motor runs slow and the servo jitters...i test my voltage regulator it says 5.02V .85A...i used a 9v battery...how come its slower when i add V2??and cant run other programs that i coded

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well its workin now...i think... i checked all the connections and something was shorting so i fixed it


Rectangle 9v batteries are notorious for their low capacity. Sure, it`s got a whole 9v, but it doesn`t have enough energy actually stored to do much more than power small things like tiny robots or electronics.

If you measured 850mA drain, that`s about three times the total capacity of a rechargable 9v so it`ll last like 10-15 minutes before being flat.

I can`t say why your other programs don`t run.