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LMR's search engine

As everyone here is well aware the LMR search engine is fu^H^H broken. I am working on figuring out a replacement that works with what we already use, (PHP, MySQL) doesn't require me learning another langauge (Java), and could actually be suited to providing additional functionality (faceted search of components). Fun stuff, and it is my main LMR priority right now. That doesn't help you guys much though, so I figured I'd make a post about other workable options in the meantime.

First off, and probably the most simple, is Google. Now we all know that google has too much information sometimes, but not everyone knows that there is an easy trick to pare that information down a bit. If you prefix your query with "site:letsmakerobots.com ", Google will only return results from LMR. Naturally this will only provide results from the last time Google's spider indexed LMR, so it won't necessarily be the most up to date information. Click Here to give it a try.

The slightly less simple option is to use the LMR Advanced Search function. You can either load http://letsmakerobots.com/search/node or punch the [Search] button up top without entering anything into the form first (submit an empty search). From the resulting page, click the Advanced Search link underneath the Keywords entry field. This will pop out a few more form elements that you can use to refine your search. For example, if you know the thing you're searching for is a blog entry, type your keywords into the box, then click the Blog Entry checkbox before hitting the button. As expected, this will only search the blogs, and may result in an increased chance of the search engine actually doing its job. You can refine your search by any of the content types we use (Blog, Forum, Robot, Component, etc...), or you can even narrow it down by specifying certain tags (although the list o' tags is quite long and hard to use). The advanced search will also let you just search user profiles by username, click the Users tab above the keywords box. If it still returns the dreaded blank page (aka White Screen Of Death) you'll likely need to go for the Google trick above.

Hope this helps anyone have better luck finding what they may be looking for. On LMR anyway. I'm quite certain this won't help in finding inner peace, or a date.

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You can also use the prefix letsmakerobots.com: [search data here]

For example,

letsmakerobots.com: lmr search engine

brings up this page, and says it was made 7 hours ago :D This way you can search for everything, components, people, pretty nifty. :)



Thanks for the tips. I did not know about the google prefix.