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xmos progess anyone?

Calculon recieved a note from his lovely postman indicating that he will get it on monday. :)

From what he's been able to read, he gets the impression that almost all mechanics/electronics (motor control, LED control, adc, sensor-type switches, and so on) must be handled by other ICs that communicate to/from the xmos board with serial ...

Is that right, or is there something he doesn't understand yet?

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You can do almost everything you're explaining, with just the Xmos. Besides reading analog values, and motor control, you'll need external IC's for.  But you can use buttons/leds/I believe you can fake PWM as well.

(And I'm still waiting to hear aboot me board :( lol)

Here's a list of some of the projects used with the other boards, like the XC-1. I believe the XK-1 would just take some code modifications and you'd have it up and runnin lol.



It of course doesn`t have any analog ins but that can be solved with an extra chip costing about $4. You will still need motor driving hardware. Servos shouldn`t be too hard to do, there are billions of examples of C code for servo control. For a lot of stuff you can use the threading capability to create almost anything in software. PWM at 100Mhz, serial, I2C, usb. Digital pins should work as expected. A high will be 3.3v I think, but I read on the XC1 documentation that they are 5v tolerant. I`m not sure if that is the same for the XK1.

Once everyone gets their kit there should be plenty of information about interfacing it to other common gear.

what about digital inputs?
The XMOS controllers are covered with multipurpose digital I/O pins, no worries there. If you have 'n' spare pins you can make an 'n' bit ADC just by adding 'n' resistors in a ladder array - but a discrete ADC IC would still be better in most cases.

Caluclon has recieved and tested his shiny new XMOS. He loves it. A few questions for other xmos-ers:

- Does yours blink three times when you put it into "program mode"?

- Does yours get really hot when you run the flashing led program?


ezekiel is still waiting for his XK1. An angry hurricane is passing over south east asia so he does not expect to get anything for the next couple of days anyway.

- 3 blinks is normal for programming mode according to the docs

- There was a post on xlinkers about power dissipation and that the chip can get pretty warm when running. I guess there is always a price to pay for power.

voodoobot is still waiting for his...and wonders if anyone in the states, or any xk1'ers have gotten theirs yet...
Nope on the Xk-1 here, up in Washington.. I think I'll be one of the first in the states to receive it if it's being shipped from China, but hard to say! :/
yeah, I'm south of you so I'll be getting it around the same time I think!