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Have you given permission for any other website to use your images and writeups for your robots? I posted on one instructables forum that if anyone had questions to come here since the builder and fellow robot builders can answer their questions. I'm assuming thats ok... what I wanted to know is if the website had permission to post your stuff?

In the meantime I am going to watermark all my images with my username and the LMR website to ensure we all get proper credit. I need to play with my movie editor as well to ensure I get the same watermarks in place.

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Automated watermarking. Invisable to the visitor of the original website.


Another hellish job for Dan's list. But cool. Via makezine.

Cool looking robot!

I think we should all do that. Frits, is there a plugin which automagically watermarks the uploads?

jklug80, could you write an idiot's guide a walkthough ance you're done?

I have a pirated eval version of photshop. I found a walkthrough online for how to do it. I was goign to try to save it as an effec tor whatever it is called so someone can download it and apply it easily. Once I figure it out I will post it.
I don't do THAT sort of eval.
Well it is a student version and I AM a student again so I guess its legal right?

Ah. THAT old chestnut... I couldn't possibly comment on the licensing conditions.

I have posted one instructable on instructables.com, an early version of the "Start here" project. That´s all.

The 10.000 others who are using my pictures and more have just stolen :) No, wait, there where once one site who asked (and got permission to use a picture), and then there are some 10 magazines and some 5 TV stations as well - but no other "websites" are actually allowed.

Thanks for the work :)