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Serial oscilloscope

Hi guys,

I'm currently programming a software oscilloscope based on C++ and DirectX, thus the performance is very good. It works directly off the serial/COM ports. I was just wondering..is anyone else interested in such a thing?

I'm programming it for my Arduino BUT it should be able to work with Picaxe(or anything else) too. It's not gonna be a fancy pro application, but it works pretty damn well :) For now it's rather limited since it only accepts 8 bit values...well for now...

Second..Any ideas for the user interface (since I've never actually seen a REAL live oscillocope..he he)?

So far I've got a start/stop button, select COM port, smoothing filter, scaling and BAUD rate selection...and that's about it for now...

Here is a screenshot:


I'll be updating as it moves along...Only minor details are missing before beta 0.1 is ready :)

.... Aniss


UPDATE: Well, 1st version is ready. Hope you guys will give me some feedback...Couldn't attach the RAR file here (?) so I uploaded it to here:



UPDATE: As promised here is the source code. It's still a bit messy but it IS a prototype. If you plan to actually compile this here is some info: It's made with Visual C++ 2008 express. It's based on Dark GDK which again is based on DirectX SDK, so both have to be installed first. I also used this Win32 based wrapper for the serial communication, so you'll have to add the files Serial.h and Serial.cpp to your project too. And that should be it.

Here is the source code:


PS: Still anxious to get feedback from people who actually used the program :)


UPDATE: Even though nobody seems to find it usefull :( here is the newest version of the SerialScope. It's faster, has X axis scaling, shows statistics (press RETURN to toggle on/off) and I removed the start up hickups (NOTE: You now have to start by sending off the string "START" to sync the scope with your MCU). Plus some other minor improvements.


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I found a good software (free) alternative (which I wrote yesterday by myself since noone answered :).

Here is the youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjpFY2mqcv8

and here is the link: http://oktay.com/sso/SimpleSerialOszi_V1.0.rar Feedback in Youtube appreciated.

here is arduino code (it's so small, it's even not a code ;) :



void setup() {  Serial.begin(115200);  }

void loop() {      Serial.print(analogRead(0));   Serial.print(" ");}

// END



anyone has a mirror of the source and / or the compiled version?

can't find serialscope anymore, anyone know where the source and compiled version can be found?

Looks good. how many channels can it support? Sometimes it's handy to be able to monitor 2 or more inputs at once and most MCUs have at least 4 analog inputs.

I´m kind of new with robots, and this could be a handy tool. Could you please upload the soft again. and also the source if that is available


I`m making a low speed oscilloscope with the arduino to help debug a couple of other projects but the files from the original post seem to have expired or been taken down.

Can you reupload them Aniss? Or does anyone else have the newest version?

Nice... but I think I will look into the code I'm a Mac User, so maybe I'll give it a try porting ....

 How come i missed this amazing scope man - just what i needed for my latest project :-

 Its detecting output from a QRD1114 that detects black lines on a gear wheel.......

.... as you can see the waveform peak (form) is the same every 6th pulse (exactly what i had hoped)

...... brill......so easy to use and set up .......any updates......




I do think it is a good idea.

I haven't had time to check it, but I will as soon as possible.

It's extremely easy to use, it's fast (up to 8 Bytes per millisec seems to be the limit) and the filter and scaling makes it a pretty usefull tool :)