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Multifunctional Tank 01

TV remote, Follows line, search the target, move objects
Old version - Line following - part 13.09 MB
Old version - Line following - part 21.28 MB
Old version - Object manipulation1.55 MB
Old version - Find the target and bring home2.53 MB

Hi all,

I renewed my old robot. I upgraded its software in order to act more reasonably.

I detached compas, odometer and fix-distance IR sensors. They were unnecessary to find the target and bring it home.

Target is found by laser-finder in combination with ultrasound. Orientation of robot is now "memorised" from previous maneuvres. This is not very precise, but for short tasks like this it is sufficient.


Also I finetuned the gripper sensors which are "mission critical" on order to see if the target is really "in-front" and "in-between" the jaws. Before it happens that robot only sticked into the targe without catching it. Now, based on signals from jaw tip sensors it centers the position and tries to catch the target at low-center position.

What I did not solve perfectly is the way back. Way forward is divided into three separate pieces. To calculate how to go back home I used too simple algorithm. The preciseness of final home position is worse than +/- 10 cms.




Full view

From the back

Clamps powered by 2 servos. Max object width id 60 mm.

Power station. Stabilisers 3,3V 1A,  5V 1A,  5V 2A for motors.

8x2 LCD - shows the mode of operation


IR TV remote board at top. Below - inside wirings

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 It shows you have model building experience. Welcome to the robot world. They go well togather. I am impressed with the grabber for sure. As far as the servos I also did that with some super servos to get more touque at a reasionable price. Check out my mini monster boe bot. Like yours, it started simple and kept getting bigger. I later tried that process with some cheap futaba servo but had no success, so I convertted them to simple DC by just running out the motor wires after cutting the foil. They are now on my next creation not finished yet using a dual H bridge.

I do not have a problem with servos or anything else used in RC community.

The main impact was a PICAXE.


I have been breeded on Sinclair SPECTRUM plus some grilled transistors.


BUT,  in my 40´ I have found that I can do More.



I willl inform you,  


Not dhe dreams,  not the intentions, But only Real existing devices.

Need more info on that laser locator , please make an Walktrough on this, it looks a lot of fun.
I did it, but I placed it into "Components" by mistake.

wow... i think for a first robot this is very impressive

what did you use to drive the motors ?

As a motors I use tvo Hitec 422 servos. I took away the feedback potentiometers to allow it to run continuously. I then mounted other small potentionmeters on the servo casing. They are used as "zero" setting to trim the full stop without jitters.

Everything is powered from one 12V lead battery. Motors have separate 5V 2A stabiliser. This prevents to create electric noise on the other circuits.


As promised!

I added first linefollowing wideos. See attachments. Quality is really bad because my DV camera said good-bye. I made clips using old Canon Ixus. it is in two parts.


I prepared training ground with not only simple lines, but with some confusing obstacles:

  •  missing line
  • crossing  -   thickness
  • relective area - (most dificult)
  • zig zag confising lines
  • sidetracking

As a stop I used big black square


more details will follow

Nice videos, thank you. And how did you make the odometers?


You have good base for robot that follows line and avoids obstacles - do you plan to take a part in IST Robot, a robot competition in Bratislava (www.robotika.sk)? Maybe we'll meet there.

See picture above.