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Microservos from DAGU?

I was just wondering..does anyone have experiences with the 8g microservos from DAGU? I'm talking about item 19 in the PDF found on this page. How do they perform compared to other generic servos of similar size like HXT900 or TowerPro SG90?

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Thanks for clearing that up for me :)

How much did you guys pay for the shipping? Just curious because I just asked DAGU for a shipping price and was told 20$ which surprised me cause on this page It says:

0.25Kg=$7.3 USD
0.50Kg=$11.4 USD

And I'm pretty sure my order doesn't weigh more than 0.25kg, and certainly not more than 0.5kg...

$20 for 20 servos + various stuff... so indeed you should order as many as you can!
Sorry, those are old "Hong Kong postal" prices. Unfortunately so far DHL seems to be the most reliable but also very expensive.

In my second order I paid $20 for shipping because they had to ship with DHL. Apparently, EMS prices went up recently. I'm still curious because my first order  was sent through EMS, but DHL was the one who delivered it. I don't know what's happening...but to answer your question: YES, its $20. I believe those prices per weight are outdated.

Try to buy as much as your wallet allows you in one order. 

PS: DHL and EMS are postal services. / $20 is some sort of flat rate service...you can add up to 1kg in the same box.

I think I'll buy myself a batch...
I've ordered some and have been happy with tme so far. You can see a pan/tilt bracket I built with them to get an idea for how they work. I plan to modify a couple for continuous rotation, but I haven't tried it yet.
I own both DAGU and sg90 and tried them (but not deeply) and i haven't seen any difference, except the size of the holes...