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Goes bump in the night

Main Goal : To listen for a knock at the door and then notify the human occupant of the house.  Eventually will be an AUV, complete with charging station.

 Sensors not yet implemented :

 Voltage sensors

Hall  Effect Sensors on the front idlers (ordere)

Sonar Range Finder

IR Range Finder

PIR sensor 


From Leo the Bot

 Ghetto Hinges or how to upcycle your soda can into bad bot parts


Got them replaced with regular hinges but still need to replace the back bumper, I'll post a pic of it if anybody is interested.


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Ok got the parts in today, though not going to do anything with them tonight, a bit warn out and don't want to smoke a chip because I was too tired. I still forgot to order a push button for Leo. It's primary purpose will be for filming, ie set up camera, pushbutton, get in position, hit record right before the delay function times out, delay function times out, Leo starts and the filming begins.  Oh well, next order or when I go by a radio shack. 

 Yay! That I got the parts in :) Now I can start building again! 

I couldn't resist and put in the new chip tonight. The left side works great, the right side has a bad connection that is going to need some work with the iron to fix, other than that I think Leo will be fine in a few days.
Well still having problems with the drive board.  Not sure what to do next, I have the parts for another arduino in, as well as another drive board. So half tempted to build those up and skip the trouble shooting process
If you want to have your robot listen at door knocks, you should have a look at that.
Very cool idea, but a bit far for me right now. I did think of a picaxe hooked up to a blue tooth, that way I could msg my door to unlock and open...a bit silly right now though when I just got Leo's motors running again. On to my next post with that

Well Fedex anyways. They should be here on the 11th. I ordered 14, to make it worth the shipping. I figure with the popularity of the tamiya gearboxes and using dual H bridges like the L293D and the like, that some may want to swap for sensors or something.

 Still no word on the China shipment of stuff though.




Well, got word that the china shipment, which is actually from Thailand(my fail) is at the post office. And basically starting over with Leo. The Tamiya dozer body is getting cramped on the inside and I still have more to I want to put in. I have two choices, build up and out and skew the center of gravity upwards or design a new body for him.  The latter would be easier, because it's just a box with holes big enough for the tracks, front idler and drive wheels to go through. His body would grow to 6x8, he'd have enclosed tracks, I would not be performing surgery when I started mounting all the stuff inside of him.

Got the stuff from Thailand, good stuff and now to test some stuff woot!!

Well did some testing on the arduino and it seems the PWM part of it torched. After I get some more work on the new drive board I will start on the freeduino clone I've got planned out. It's basically an arduino that has screw terminals instead of female headers.  I specifically designed to survive the shake test, IE pick up your bot, shake it hard, put it back down and see if it still functions. Yeah, I got frustrated putting wires back in the holes and decided to fix it. Also my design is a bit in the direction of being able to embedded in something and not have direct user contact, can we say sweet or what?



Mech Out