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dimble xf

hello , this is my first robot , it is intended to be a long term project  kinda like CtC s WALTER , so far i only have the motors and motor drivers .

motor drivers : i got 2 of these http://secure.oatleyelectronics.com//product_info.php?cPath=94&products_id=206&osCsid=741a01630f6850aa2b9303828e35c098 their from oatley electroincs -a fantastic australian site .i have built 2 of the boards and tested 1 ,it works !! but so far it is controled by a trim pot .

heres a couple of pics of the drivers being built:



and one of the motors : there windscreen wiper motors my dad got them for free!!


(sorry if this should be a blog). more to come

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We should have a little bumper sticker ready to stick on all these "no-bot-yet-bots".
im sorry . but i have not chosen a controler or made a base yet ,but im thinking a tank style robot.but when the base is made then you have something to stick that bumper sticker on:)

Hello dimble swishblade,


Can I see your connections below the your K243 board? 


I have a K243 board and  I'm confused how to place the 4 MOSFETs and how to wire the motor to the K243 and the 24 volt power supply to the K243


Your reply would be of great help