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Solar Aeroplane-Bot - (Weekend Project) Teaser Video

What do you get if you strap a Solar cell wired up in a Miller-Engine configuration, with the output powering a Pager motor with a propellor stuck to the front.

Yes a Solar TableTop flyer........... This is the Prototype - the replacement is 99% finished. (just need 1% Sun)

The "In the Hanger" Aeroplane is waiting for the "Real" sun to come out for Video Shoot.

Can you Guess what the Theme will be haha hoho hehe.


VVV Video Teaser VVV - actual speed.......

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PC plane game!

I am impressed by your correct guess of Crimson Skies (music only i am afraid), the second clue i left will give the whole game away as to what it will look like.

Its one of my favorite FlightSims - its just really good fun to fly

........... (i only use microsoft X when i am in serious mode).

One of these days, you have got to show me how to do greenscreen. Preferrably over SKype