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Quasar 2.4GHz Transceiver

Has anyone ever seen or used this Quasar 2.4GHz Transceiver Module (QFM-TRX1-24G) or anything similar?

I like the price. I'm considering ordering a couple as an inexpensive alternative for controlling my I2C bus.

Looks like it's based on this TI chip whose data sheet gives better info than the Quasar data sheet.

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Hi BaseOverApex

I recently stumbled across this site while looking for more info on these Transceivers, Nice site hope to learn a lot from it.

Anyhow all i could find was the datasheets and as you say it is a chipcon product from Ti.

I recently purchased a couple of them without reading any datasheets etc oops. I was looking for a quick cheap and easy way to add 2way rf serial comms to my project.

Now i have them and started to read the datasheet etc i have found that it would be an easy task if i could afford the evaluation board to go with the config software (which seems to be way over priced in my oppinion) obviosly meant for the high volume commercial market) hmm never mind.

So now im left with no option but to read the datasheets a million times :-) and write the code to configure them myself .

I have just written some basic code for a Pic 18F452 to read and write to the config registers over spi which seems to work ok. Now i need to make a couple of pcb's to try set up the TX\RX side of things and test.

So far the only bad points i have found is price of eval hardware hence a lot more work for me. I intend to make a VB application to configure the units quickly and easily via a Pic.

I do think it is worth the time and effort as they have built in Temp sensor, Manchester Encoding, Crc check etc etc.

 Hope this helps you decide on wether to use them or not.

Will keep you updated on my progress.

Regards Steve