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LCD - V.Smile Pocket

Would it be possible to make this thing work with a microcontroller? It is from a V.Smile Pocket (handheld brainwash learning station). The V-Tec site says it's a "full-color LCD screen with 320 x 240 resolution". That's all I have.

The white cable is what connects it to the main circuit. It has like 25 metal points/pins. 

[My cell phone camera is not so good]...




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Unless you have a lot of skill and/or patience it's going to take a while to figure out how to communicate with the LCD controller.
My suggestion would be do to everything you can to find out more data regarding the make/model/ID/serial number of the device, so you can hopefully dig up some data on it. If you're lucky the manufacturer will have some good info, or maybe some other hacker has already figured out all the hard stuff =D